How to Become Unstoppable

Today I’m going to start with a story which I’ve heard a few years ago. It’s a story about two children who lived in a village. One was 6 years old and the other 10 years old. They were best friends. They used to play together, eat together and bathe together. Eh… no no, they don’t bathe together, but yeah they were as best friends as you could ever imagine.

One fine day, they went a little far from their homes, near a well. While they were playing there, the ten year old child fell into the well and began crying for help because he didn’t know how to swim. Now the second child, the little one, looked here and there but couldn’t find anyone. When he was looking around, nearby the well he found a bucket tied with a rope. Without wasting another second he threw the bucket in the well and told his friend to hold onto it. When the ten year old child grabbed onto the bucket, the six year old pulled the rope with all his strength. He started pulling it madly. He pulled that bucket until the child who was inside the well came out. At last, he had saved his friend! The child climbed out of the well. Everything was going fine. However, when both children crying with happiness and hugging each other they were also somewhat scared that when they will return to their village and tell about this accident their parents would scold them for sure. Luckily, no such thing happened. When they reached their village and told their parents and other villagers about this, no one believed them. Yet the villagers were true in a way. A six year old child was not strong enough to pull a bucket full of water let alone pull a 10 year old child out from a well. But there was one man, named Raheem, who believed them. Raheem was one of the wisest old men in the village. Everybody started thinking that if he believed them then there must be some reason for him to trust the children. All the villagers, together, went to Raheem and said that they are not getting how the children’s story is possible. “If you trust them, then tell us, how it is possible for a child who has almost no muscle, can pull a boy who is almost double of his age?” Raheem laughed and replied “The boys are telling you everything, how they got there, fell in the well, and how he found the bucket and pulled the child out of the well.” Everybody was looking at Raheem’s face as if they were expecting something else. After a few minutes, Raheem told them that the question is not how he pulled him out, but the question is that from where did he get this much strength? “And the answer is one, and only one, that the time when the child was doing this, there was no one around him to tell him that he couldn’t. Not even he himself was there to tell him that it is impossible.”

Now I’m asking you, if anything like this happens to you, where you can’t hear any negative voices, then how would you feel? Isn’t it great? Just like that child, no one could be able to stop you also. YOU WILL BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

It sounds so good theoretically, but when we talk about practical life it’s not possible. Only thinking about this doesn’t do much… And you know this. So, in order to become unstoppable you need to break two walls. The first wall is made up of others voices and the second is made up of your own voice, both of which prevent you from becoming unstoppable.

Okay, now let’s talk about the answer on how to break these walls. In the above story, there was no one around the child to stop him, but in real life it doesn’t work that way but what happens is as soon as we start thinking of doing something, few people arise to stop us and teach us that what we are thinking is not possible. Now in this case we can neither shut their mouth nor close our ears, because these people are our family, our friends, our relatives, our neighbours. So we should neither fight them nor get quiet, but what we can do is just ask them a simple question, a one word question: “WHY?” Why can’t we do this? Why is it impossible? I’m telling you, you’re gonna enjoy it when you ask them why, why we couldn’t do this. You’ll find that 90% of the people don’t have the answer to this WHY. And if they do, they would give a funny answer that you will laugh your a** off . Trust me, it’s hilarious to listen their answers. They might say that they know some guy or girl who also tried this and didn’t succeed… now, please, can anyone tell me that how he or she is related to you or me or anybody? What do they have to do with you? xD They don’t know your strength, they know nothing what’s inside you, so how they can be so sure about it? Now you tell me, should we take these guys seriously? No, no way.

Now, the remaining 10%, are the people who have the genuine answers. They just don’t say that you can’t do it but also tell you why you can’t. If you find someone like this then you should hear them and try to understand what they are saying. After getting the answer you should try to solve them and say thanks to these people in your heart, because indirectly these kinds of people actually help us get closer to our goal.

I’m not saying that you should take these 10% people very seriously or we should stop if we don’t get the answer. Because we don’t have the answer doesn’t mean that we should stop doing things. For example, we don’t wait for the red lights to turn green to walk out our houses. We should keep walking in life. If these kinds of people say that you can’t do this then understand one thing: that they may saying this to you but they are not pointing at you; they just want to say “I, I can’t do this work or I don’t know how to do it, so I think that no one in this world can.”

You might have heard a saying that “hurting someone is a sin but bearing it is a bigger sin.” Just like if a man wants to do something in his life and someone tells him that he can’t do this, to break his hope, is a big sin because sometimes people have just one hope and nothing else. But on the other side, giving someone the right to break all your hopes, to doubt your strength and to just listen to them, and do not respond, is the biggest sin. I promise you that once you have understood this then you are not going to be affected by these voices. That day the first wall I was talking about will shattered automatically.

There will be nobody who can stop you from achieving your goals, no one… except one. Do you know who? Yep! Yourself, You. This is the second wall which is bigger and stronger than the first wall. And you know how to break this wall.

Yes, the answer is again a question: WHY?

How funny, a question is the answer to our question. You need to question yourself. Okay, sure, don’t trust me alone. Take out any example from history. If anyone had succeeded in any field, then what was the difference between them and others? Did they have super powers? Did they have more solutions? No, they just had better questions than others. They asked to themselves why, in every situation. That, why everything has to be this way; “can’t I change this?” If you meet some failures, then you will see that they had only answer, only excuses.

Have you ever noticed that when someone in the family gets ill then everybody start giving advices. It happens with almost all of us. So, what happened one day is that a man got fever, and everybody started giving their advices. Some said “I believe tea could work”, and others say ” a wet cloth on your head could work for sure, I know it!”, etc. They did everything but the next morning the man was having more fever than before. Everybody called the doctor, the doctor prescribed some tests, and later they found out that he was suffering from malaria. The doctor gave the man medicine and he got well after few days. What was the difference between the doctor and others? The doctor first found out the cause of the fever before doing the treatment right away, he found out the real cause, while others didn’t give any attention to the cause.

So, question yourself and I promise you that you’ll definitely get the answers. Never run after things unknowingly and stop listening to what others say. Ask your heart and it will lead you. Believe in yourself and the work you do.

Now you have the key…… go for the door! I wish you all the best and hope you guys will do something tremendous in your life.

– akadarkhorse


2 thoughts on “How to Become Unstoppable

  1. nouralamine says:

    I like how you approached the matter and how you inserted small stories to make your point clearer, good job keep it up.
    I also have my own blog: , feel free to check it and your feedback is appreciable 🙂

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